When employees are recognized and rewarded for their performance achievements it makes them feel valued, energized, and motivated to continue with that performance.

Recognition Program SolutionsA culture of recognition can increase employee morale, support organizational mission and values, increase employee retention and encourage employee loyalty.
Our recognition programs are hassle-free and provide an excellent return on investment. Our unique symbolic gift line will provide you the positive and long-lasting impression you seek.
Please contact your local Jardine Associates representative or call 800-543-7655 to be put in touch with your rep.

Recognition OpportunitiesRecognition Program Solutions

  • Graduation
  • Alumni Gifts
  • Employee Anniversaries
  • Service Awards
  • Recognition Awards
  • Retention Programs
  • Fund Raising Gifts
  • Board of Director Gifts
  • Training Recognition
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Speaker Gifts
  • Donor Gifts